Keshav is a wonderful, affectionate and sweet child. He is always smiling and very endearing and his therapists at his school love working with him. Keshav has a twin brother and they love to play together and with their mom and dad. Keshav likes music, dance, and playing outside. He also likes to go for car rides.

At the age of 1, Keshav first displayed signs of Autism. At that point, he stopped responding to his name and his eye-contact diminished. Keshav withdrew into autism. His parents started speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA interventions when he was 18 months old and although he has made progress in the other areas, his speech has always been inconsistent. He would say a word and then never repeat it. In the past year, they have learned that this is known as Verbal Apraxia. He also has motor coordination issues that prevent his from remembering how to say a word.

PROMPT therapy addresses these issues and will help improve muscle tone and brain function.