Zahir Camp

Twelve year old Zahir is a funny, smart and responsible kid.  He loves to draw, read, and play with Legos.  He is curious and very mature for his age.  Zahir loves to do new things and he really enjoys going to Camp Campbell Gard each year because they have a lot of activities and he gets to interact with other kids.

Zahir has been diagnozed with autism as well as ADHD and anxiety.  His symptoms began when he was around 2 years old.  Zahir is very conscious of his health conditions and he wants to more independent.  He is in a typical classroom and he has an aide.  He does very well at school.

Zahir always benefits from goin got Camp Campbell Gard, a specialized summer camp for kids with disabilities.  It is a place where he can have fun and interact with other kids.  He looks forward to going as he can have fun and be outdoors a lot instead of spending most of his summer by himself and inside the house.

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