Ten-year-old Adam is in the third grade and loves riding the bus to school with his neighborhood friends and his little sister.  He likes it so much that he says he wants to be a bus driver when he grows up so he can drive all the kids to school.  Adam is a cub scout and particularly enjoys the campouts.

Adam has recently joined the Cincinnati Cyclones SPECIAL Hockey program and with the help of his coaches, he is learning to ice skate.  He is very proud of this.  This is the first sport Adam has truly enjoyed.  He is even hoping to attend a “real” Cyclones game for his birthday this year.

Adam was born missing part of his 22nd chromosome which has created many challenges for him in life.  He had open-heart surgery as an infant and multiple palate surgeries which eventually (with a lot of speech therapy) allowed him to speak his first words at 6½ years of age.

Recently, Adam had more genetic testing and it was discovered that his body lacks the ability to produce enzymes needed to break down and convert nutrients into a form his body can use regardless of how healthy he eats.  This results in abnormal blood chemistry which the doctor feels is linked to many of his other challenges including his learning, language and processing disorders as well as anxiety and behaviors.

The doctor has prescribed supplements which are already converted into a form his body can use.  However, they are not covered by insurance.

Nutritional Supplements - $3840

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