Twelve year old Bailey was diagnosed at age 3 with apraxia of speech, significant language deficits and severe anxiety which has recently been exacerbated by circumstances at school.  As a result, evaluations his parents had done concluded that he has average intelligence even though his school had put him in a multiple disabilities classroom since he was in kindergarten (he is now in 7th grade).  Despite the fact that he could have learned, he was taught nothing.  He cannot read and has limited speech.  He now has an additional diagnosis of PTSD due to witnessing a teacher abusing children at school and is so anxious that he can’t even go to school without panic attacks and now has to go into a Partial Hospitalization Program to help him cope with the events of the past years.  Even more heartbreaking is that very recently it was discovered that he has a hearing impairment that was likely the cause for all of his struggles all along.

Bailey loves to play jokes, loves his family, and really LOVES his pets.  He also loves American Girl Dolls and recently got his first one when his family visited Columbus.  He likes to do her hair and she also has a hearing aid, which Bailey also just received.  He is a sweet and fun loving kid who hasn’t gotten the education that every child deserves!

In order to get the best IEP quickly in place for him, a knowledgeable and experienced advocate is needed to insure that he will learn and have the best future possible.

Special Inclusion Advocate – $5500


Total Raised


Funded: 1.52%
Goal: $3,300.00
Michele-marie Merritt
902 days ago