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Five year old Bryce loves to swim.  Water and balls are his two favorite things.  He also loves to bounce.  Bryce is a very happy young man who gets very excited when he sees his family.

At the age of two, Bryce was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome and Autism.  In addition, he has a neurological disorder, is severely delayed and non-verbal, has seizures and a balance disorder.  His parents were told Bryce may never walk and at age two, he started walking.  Despite being non-verbal, he has learned to bring someone what he wants or pushes them to where he wants to go.

Bryce requires full care 24/7.  He also has a sensory disorder so he puts everything in his mouth, gets into everything, and knocks things over.  He is not able to feed or dress himself nor use the bathroom by himself.

Bryce requires physical, occupational and speech therapy. In addition, his mom has requested assistance with recessed lighting in her family room so that Bryce will not have a lamp to push over every single day.

Home Modification - $1200        Therapy - $5000

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Lori McDaniel
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