Eight year old Edward likes Star Wars and is a Lego Master Builder.  He is the most compassionate child in his class and has the best imagination ever.  He is also very inquisitive and curious as he wants to know what everything does and how it works.  Edward also loves Disney World and said his first sentence there, “I so excited I here!”

Edward was still nonverbal at age 3 and was diagnosed with apraxia, developmental delay, attention issues and anxiety issues.  There is now a concern that he is dealing with chemical allergies as he has been acting out and is dealing with vision tracking/special perception issues.  In addition, Edward also struggles with reading disabilities, handwriting issues, neurological disconnects, and motor planning.

Edward needs four different types of therapy on a regular basis:  occupational, physical, speech, and vision behavioral. 

OT, PT, Speech, & Vision Behavioral Therapies - $4400 

Total Raised


Funded: 0%
Goal: $4,400.00