Six year old Elijah had conquered less than 5 words when he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) at the age of 3.  At that time, his parents’ insurance covered 20/visits per year and he also received therapy through school.  He went to a special needs school where he thrived but academically he needed to mainstream for 1st grade.  In doing so, Elijah lost an incredible Speech Therapist at the school who specialized in apraxia.  Since then, his apraxia has basically resolved into a phonological and articulation disorder and his parents’ insurance no longer covers ANY therapy leaving Elijah very far behind for his age.

Elijah’s family loves to travel and they especially love Disney.  They are also huge Cincinnati Reds fans and Elijah’s grandparents take him to several games each year.  He loves Legos, video games, and he plays a lot of sports with soccer being his current favorite.  He also started Cub Scouts this year and really enjoys it.

Elijah is happy, loving, and very easy going.  He is the kid who will befriend the child who is sitting alone.  He is described by his teachers as a classroom leaker, always willing to help, and a friend to everyone.

Speech Therapy – $3850