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(Elizabeth wanted to write her own)

My name is Elizabeth. I am 10 ½ years old.  I am in 5th grade, which is awesome!  My favorite subjects are P.E. and Music.  I am in my church choir and I am a junior Tamburitzan (Croatian fold dancing, singing, and playing and instrument.) I have 4 favorite sports teams: Chicago Bandits, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Bengals, and New England Patriots.  My favorite colleges are Northwestern and Purdue.  I really like football and love to play softball and basketball.  I really, really like Taylor Swift and hope to see one of her concerts and meet her someday.

Elizabeth struggled with feeding difficulties and constipation at birth.  Her symptoms have continued to worsen and she began treatment at Cincinnati Children’s in 2010.  She now sees the digestive team, GI team, motility clinic and colorectal team.  She is also seen by the sleep team.  Her nutritional status has declined and is of great concern to the medical team as she lost weight and they are very concerned.  The team has thus far been unable to find a cause or diagnosis for her.

Elizabeth also has auditory processing disorder and many learning disabilities. She struggles with low muscle tone and fine motor skills.  She sees many therapists each week to address each of her struggles.

Displacement Costs and therapist co-pays - $5500

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