Two and a half year old Grant was born with Absent Septum Pellucidum, the absence of a thin membrane located at the midline of the brain between the two halves of the brain.  This rare abnormality accompanies various malformations of the brain that affect intelligence, behavior, and the neurodevelopmental process.  At this time, Grant is experiencing a speech delay so it is appropriate to link the two together.  During Gran’s speech evaluation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, he was diagnosed with mixed receptive-expressive language disorder leading him to need extensive speech therapy.

Grant is a loving, sweet, energetic, and awesome little guy.  He loves to help out (such as holding, getting diapers for, etc.) with his little sister.  He likes to wrestle with his dad and snuggle with his mom.  He enjoys playing with trucks, animals, paw patrol toys, and reading books with his cousins.  Grant has about 20 words he will use and 3 signs.  He wants to talk so badly but just isn’t able to at this time.

Speech Therapy – $5500