Six year old Gretchen has an older brother named Gavin and she is working on saying his name but mostly calls him Bu-ba.  Her dad is a Law Enforcement Officer for Hamilton County and her mom works part time.  Gretchen has a dog named Daisy, who she LOVES, to Daisy’s dismay sometimes.  In fact, she loves all dogs and has several stuffed ones that she sleeps with at night.

Gretchen really enjoys swimming and camping with her grandparents.  During the school year, she takes dance and plays with her friends.  She also enjoys school and has made several friends there.  Gretchen has a very big personality, is very sassy and extremely strong-willed.  These traits serve her well as she tries very hard at therapy and gets very excited when she gets a new word and says it correctly.

Gretchen’s parents started noticing a significant delay in her speech at around 18 months of age.  She was referred for a speech evaluation after her 2 year checkup and began therapy soon after.  At that time, her diagnosis was Expressive Language Delay.  However, after going through Help Me Grow and two therapists, it was later determined that her diagnosis is actually Apraxia. 

Gretchen has made huge strides in an Integrative Therapy program over the past couple of years but her funding has run out and she has not been able to continue.  She will be starting 1st grade soon and her weekly therapy would be beneficial not only for school but in every aspect of her life.

Speech Therapy – $5000

Total Raised


Funded: 56%
Goal: $5,000.00
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Melinda Barbi
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