Seven year old Gurveer loves one-on-one time and is very inquisitive.  He has tons of energy that needs to be positively channeled.  Gurveer is loving and affectionate when his mood is good. He is making great progress as he did an awesome science project, drew and colored a couple pieces of artwork, is finally able to dress himself, and doesn’t cry when brushing his teeth anymore.

Gurveer has a high level of ADHD along with anxiety disorder and mood disorder.  He is under the care of a psychiatrist, psychologist, and ENT.  He requires therapy to help with mental and emotional challenges.  Gurveer struggles at school with academics as well as social assimilation/behaviors.  He receives counseling at school and is significantly behind academically for a second grade child and has labelled himself as “dumb.”

Psychiatric and Psychological Therapy - $5500