Twelve year old James first began having trouble focusing in the 3rd grade.  He would complete his work and begin fidgeting.  He has severe anxiety, picks his skin until it bleeds, and obsesses over things.  He needs to always be engaged with a strict schedule.  He is very spontaneous and has issues thinking past the moment.

James is super smart, likes to swim, jump on the trampoline, and do tractor pulls.

Last year James went to Summit and it was the first time since 3rd grade that he wasn’t constantly in the office or suspended due to his focusing issues.  He has been able to complete his work, stay focused and be less fidgety since attending Summit.  However, James’ home school district will not transport him to Summit each day.  Therefore, because his single mom cannot leave work early everyday to pick him up, a transport service is needed to get him to the babysitter’s home after school.

The transport service is $25 per day.

School Transport Services – $4810