Katie H.

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Five year old Katie was diagnosed
at birth with a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.  She has had hearing aids since she was 3 ½ months old but her hearing kept getting worse.  By the age of 2 years, she was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears. It was at this time that the process of getting cochlear implant surgery for her began.  She got her first implant in 2013 and her second one at the end of 2014.  She is doing very well but hasn’t reached her potential for hearing and communicating yet.

Katie is a bundle full of fun and smiles!  She is sweet, kind, and loving and she has melted the hearts of just about everyone she meets.  She works hard to have a hearing and spoken language.  Just last year, Katie danced in a dance recital on a stage.  She did beautifully and her parents, who never thought she would hear music, were overjoyed to see her get to dance in a recital!

Katie needs to continue to attend therapy at Ohio Valley Voices so that she can continue to grow towards her full potential and eventually go to a mainstream school!

Ohio Valley Voices - $5500

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Funded: 0.45%
Goal: $5,500.00
Karen Powell
1146 days ago