Six year old Logan was identified with developmental delays at 18 months of age and has been served by the Help Me Grow Ohio Autism Scholarship during that time.  He was given an autism and apraxia diagnosis at age 3 and has consistently received speech therapy.  Logan has also struggled with GI issues.

Logan has recently began using the word “EAT” which was a huge accomplishment!  This was a result of receiving PROMPT speech therapy that he started in October.  He really tries to sound out words and with additional therapy will make marvelous strides.

He has also began using Picture Exchange Communication (with prompting) as well as his iPad to communicate his needs and wants.  Logan loves his big brother and little sister who help with prompting and visual schedules.  He often laughs when they teach and play with him. 

Logan’s eyes really light up when he is able to be understood and his family is confident that continued speech therapy will give him the skills to be understood a lot more often.

Speech Therapy – $5500

Total Raised


Funded: 26.8%
Goal: $5,000.00