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Nine-year-old Logan likes cuddles, tickles, Dave and Ava on his iPad, running and talking nature walks in the woods.  He participates in Hamilton County Special Olympics Bowling and is also involved in youth group at his church.

Logan was diagnosed at age 3 with autism, PTEN genetic mutation, apraxia, seizures, and more.  He is mostly non-verbal and struggles with self injurious behavior (SIB).

Logan has been identified as a child who would greatly benefit from a service dog who is trained on behavior disruption when SIB occurs.  The dog would get on Logan’s lap, nuzzle, touch, kiss, etc.  The service dog is also trained on tethering and tracking as well as seizure notification.

Logan’s family has raised more than $14k towards the $17k needed for his therapy dog and has applied for help in getting to that goal.

Therapy Dog/Displacement for Training - $ 3000

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Lora Boettcher-Hernandez
4 days ago