Ten year old Madeline absolutely loves dogs.  They have one but one just isn’t enough for her.  She talks of wanting 10 dogs when she grows up whether her husband likes it or not J  She loves playing with her older sister Paige who is 3 years older.  She is always quite active jumping on the trampoline, riding her scooter and bike, going on hikes and playing at various parks.

Madeline’s diagnoses have changed over time.  When she was younger, two surgeries were needed to correct her turned in eye.  Her parents found out later that those surgeries caused more harm than good and were only cosmetic.

Over the last few years, her parents have spent an average of $8k per year on therapies and equipment as suggested by Dr. VanHoy, Madeline’s developmental optometrist. She originally only saw 10% of what she should and she had no 3D or peripheral vision. There has been improvement but she still has a long way to go. 

One of the therapies that has been helpful is vision therapy.  Her parents would like for her to have another session of it this summer but with all of the other expenses, they cannot afford it on their own.

Vision Therapy - $ 5500

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Funded: 0%
Goal: $5,500.00