Five year old Marlee was diagnosed at 26 months with several things including:  moderate to severe autism, encephalopathy, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), and colitis.  Over the past couple of years, her therapy and interventions have proven to be quite successful.  Marlee’s EoE and colitis are in a remission state at this time but generally flare up during specific months of the year causing her to lose gains from her feeding therapy.

Marlee is a ray of sunshine and is beating all of the challenges that she has been faced with.  She is lovable, empathetic, sweet, and friendly.  She loves school, tumbling class and weekend camping trips with her dad and sister.  She likes to swim in the summer and play in the snow in the winter and the holidays are her favorite times of the year.

Marlee has also made huge strides in connecting with her older sisters, ages 7 and 19.  She likes to cuddle with her oldest sister and now plays dolls and little pet shop with her middle sister. She has mastered pretty much any challenge put in her way including speech!

Marlee has also made large strides in occupational therapy.  She has learned how to brush her hair, brush her teeth, feed herself etc.  All of her severe sensory issues have been solved.  But she still has a little ways to go and can’t stop now!

Occupational Therapy – $4675

Total Raised


Funded: 0%
Goal: $4,675.00