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Eight year old Maya
loves music, especially upbeat songs as she dances in her seat whenever she hears one.  She also enjoys swinging both at the park as well as on her Nana and Papa’s front porch swing.  You can see the pure joy on her face as she goes back and forth.  Maya has a need for speed too and loves to go fast in the car.

Maya is one of 6 children and she is included in all family activities even though she can’t walk or talk.  If her family is baking, she is the taste tester.  If her siblings are cleaning, she is the “supervisor.”  Her twin baby brother and sister love to sit on her lap. 

Maya began having seizures at the age of two months.  It was then that her parents learned that the midline of her brain had not fully developed.  This is called agenesis of the corpus callosum.  Since then, she has experienced seizures, developmental delay, and visual impairment.  She has undergone outpatient and in-school therapy and she continues to be followed by a number of physicians working to improve her life. 

Currently, Maya is transported in a high back car seat in their current van.  Because their van is 10 years old, they cannot get assistance with a modification for it to be wheelchair accessible.  They have to assemble and disassemble her wheelchair at every stop. 

Van - $7500 

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