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Six year old Michael is your typical kindergarten boy who is curious about everything!  He loves to get dirty, build things, and spend time with his buddies.  He likes to watch Disney movies, especially the Minion movies.  On the weekends, he participates in his Croatian culture learning how to sing, dance, and play an instrument from Croatia.

Michael was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease, a birth defect where cells in the large intestine do not develop, causing the inability for stool to pass.  Michael initially had surgery in Chicago at 9 days old.  But at the age of 10 months, he required a re-do surgery by the colorectal center at Cincinnati Children’s.  After repeated admissions in Chicago and continued failing health, all of Michael’s care was given to Cincinnati Children’s which requires 4-6 trips each year in order for him to see the Colorectal team, GI team, sleep doctor and motility group.  His sister, Elizabeth, is also seen for many of the same issues.

Displacement Costs & Doctor Co-pays - $5500