Two year old Rylan was born with bilateral hearing loss that has worsened due to enlarged vestibular aqueducts.  He started with hearing aids at 4 months of age but his hearing continued to worsen.  In March of 2018, Rylan was approved for and received cochlear implants.

Rylan is the youngest of 6 siblings.  He is very active and goofy and is always making funny faces.  He is incredibly smart despite the hearing loss and he catches on to things very quickly.  Rylan loves to throw and catch balls and he likes to dance even if he can’t really hear the music.

In July of 2018, Rylan began attending Ohio Valley Voices, an auditory/oral school for hearing impaired children.  Rylan’s profound hearing loss makes it very difficult for him to develop spoken language without intensive intervention.  His family wants him to have spoken language as his primary mode of communication.  Therefore, Rylan’s parents need help with the cost of this program.

Ohio Valley Voices - $1950