Four and a half year old Teddy is a spunky red head who just loves life.  He likes to learn, cook, play outside, look at books, and do experiments.  He is very bright and loves math.  He likes to use his magnet blocks for addition and subtraction.​

Teddy likes to watch kids learning shows which is where he has soaked up a lot of math and science information.  He also likes to help his mom in the kitchen.  He makes smoothies for the family almost every day.  Sometimes Teddy will use the juicer to make his family a “Teddy Brand” flavor of juice.​

At the age of 3 years, Teddy’s parents became concerned with his speech.  He was going to start preschool and they were worried that his teachers and caregivers would not be able to understand his needs and that the kids would not interact with him.  An evaluation revealed that he has a speech disturbance known as Phonological Disorder.​


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