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Travis loves meatballs and after he started his seizure medication a couple of months ago, he began saying “meat ball.”  One day after supper, he even took his leftover meatballs and put them in his toy refrigerator.  He loves his big sister and he follows her everywhere.  He is a funny boy and a sweetheart who loves playing with cars, trucks, and his dog, Twinkles.

Travis’ mom was deployed to Afghanistan when he was only 18 months old and returned when he was 26 months of age. She quickly noticed that he was delayed and would only hum for speech.  He was diagnosed in January 2016 with Focal Epilepsy after an abnormal EEG which showed waves of seizures on both hemispheres of the brain.  He also tip-toe walks as his ankle cords are tight so he goes to occupational therapy. 

Travis needs speech and developmental therapies as well as monthly seizure medication, ankle braces to help with the stretching of the ankle cords while he sleeps at night and special shoes to help improve his walking.

Therapies, medication, ankle braces/shoes - $7315