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Wendy's Gait Trainer

Four-year-old Wendy is sunshine, joy, and love all wrapped up in a small package!  She has beaten the odds since she was born and, in her view, there is nothing she can’t do.  Wendy loves playing with friends, holding hands, and hugging.  She uses a communication device for complex things but she does say a few words – her favorite ones during play are “hey guys!”  Wendy’s yells of excitement, joy and anticipation happen every single day!

Despite a normal delivery, Wendy started missing milestones as early as 6 months and has been in  therapies ever since. She was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2.  She receives botox injections and regular evaluations to set the most appropriate current plans for the most productive development as it relates to her.

She is seen in this picture in her gait trainer, something that allows her a lot of independence and freedom.  But this one belongs to her school and she doesn’t have access to it on the weekends, school breaks or the summertime. Having one at home will allow Wendy to have safe, independent mobility while promoting strength, balance and endurance.

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