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Two year old Jadson loves puzzles, numbers and his ABCs and he has mastered all of these skills.  He also loves Elmo and has learned to brush his teeth by watching Elmo’s music video about it.  Jadson is a very sweet little boy and demonstrates how love doesn’t need words.  He shows his love by patting you and giving you his best smile.

Jadson was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 20 months.  He has also been diagnosed with receptive/expressive language disorder, intermittent exotropia and has food allergies.  He started regressing at 15 months at which time he lost all of his words, stopped following commands/directions, started repetitive behaviors, and stopped responding to his name.  He also has sensory issues with food, has no sense of danger, and cannot communicate adequately.

Jadson needs speech therapy, behavior therapy and occupational therapy.  Early intervention is key when it relates to Autism.  Jadson was diagnosed just a couple of months ago so his parents are hopeful that receiving these therapies now will improve his deficits and improve his overall quality of life as he gets older.

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