Yahir - Camp

Nine year old Yahir is a very funny kid who is always happy, smiling, laughing, running and jumping. He loves music and food. Yahir does not talk but seems to understand everything that is said to him. When he wants something, he grabs someone's arm to let them know or to show them what he wants.

Yahir has been diagnosed with non-verbal autism as well as ADHD and global developmental delay. He is completely non-verbal, still uses pull-ups, and is completely dependent on his mother for everything. He does have meltdowns and will hit himself, his mom, or others. It is very hard for his single mom to take he and his brother out because he needs constant supervision, he can't be alone, and he doesn't recognize danger.

Yahir would like to go to a specialized summer camp for children with developmental disabilities. This camp really improves his life as he usually loses skills over the summer without camp.

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