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Climb For Heroes Mount Baldy Style

Hello and welcome!

If you know me then you know I love running and I love my country! And I am back at it again, running to fundraise that is!

On November 13, I will set out on an epic adventure to hike over 10,000 feet to the top of Mount Baldy. Along the way, there will be many wounded veterans making this same climb. A climb to a new type of freedom. We can do hard things!

Climb for Heroes is hosted by the Heroes Project that helps veterans who are severely wounded find new ways to challenge themselves in order to redefine their personal limits post injury.

Help me support our wounded brothers and sisters in this awesome fundraiser to raise money for those who fought for our freedom, those who find themselves setting new goals despite their adversity they now face, never letting their sacrifices go in vain. 

Lets thank those that sacrificed for our freedom by raising funds to give back to them!

Thank you all and God bless! 



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