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Thank you for visiting HollywoodJaz Takes A Hike! team’s fundraising page! I hope you will consider supporting us through a donation or becoming a part of our team! 

I have been a proud supporter of The Heroes Project since 2011 by participating in the annual Cycle for Heroes events. This is my first year to take a hike in support of our Veterans. 

Day in and day out I know we all get stuck in our rut's. I know I get caught up in my own feelings of "I can't" or "It's too hard". Every time I feel like this I remember, all the lives that are changed by the work of The Heroes Project and I think to myself, I have no excuses for saying I can't. Because in a life faced with so many challenges, The Heroes Project stands behind our Veterans and says, Yes you can! 

This year has been challenging to me in so many ways. I have definitely been feeling that I needed to get out of my everyday and do something for someone else. What better way to show up for other people than for me to finally take part in Climb for Heroes 2021 event. 

So please, take a minute and donate to my fundraising page. 

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