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Hello, I am SGT Peter Gaspar (US Army, Retired). THANK YOU for visiting The Ascenders' fundraising page! I hope you will consider supporting us through a donation or becoming a part of our team! Your kind donations to the Climb for Heroes in 2015-2019 have INSPIRED me to climb Mt. Baldy AGAIN to raise money for disabled Veterans of The Heroes Project and their programs. During my service (1982-1989), I saw soldiers injured in the line of duty. Some survive and thrive. Others fall thru the cracks... forgotten. With The Heroes Project, I can help my fellow Veterans.  

The Heroes Project (THP) empowers our injured community, through physical and emotional training, to explore the farthest reaches of themselves and the world they live in. Expeditions challenge the severely wounded to redefine their personal limits post injury. THP inspires our injured men and women to find purpose, both physically and mentally, and ignites others to do the same.

This is my 6th year as a Team Captain. The Ascenders we are ready to go! PLEASE support my efforts to raise $6500 by HIKING & FUNDRAISING with us. Or you can also HELP us by making a secure online DONATION here.

And please follow @theheroesproject on Instagram and check out their website at

JUNE 21, 2021 UPDATE

It is June 21, and we are entering the third week of our fundraising efforts for the 2021 Climb for Heroes. We are off to a great start this year! Your friendly neighborhood Ascenders have so far raised more than $2,900 of our $6,500 for The Heroes Project.

We couldn't have gotten this far without YOU, my dedicated teammates and our wonderful donors! THANK YOU, dear friends and family, for your generous donations, ranging from $10 to $300, to our campaign to raise awareness of, and provide challenging outdoors training for our disabled veterans and injured community.
The Ascenders, in alphabetical order, are: Tiffani Bruno, Eric Chen, Isabelle Galan, myself, Alina Kelly, Tony Muro, Krista Muscarella, Georgette Rieck, Yvonne Rivera, and Pamela Sivula.
Peter Gaspar
(SGT, US Army, retired)
Dear Friends, THANK YOU!!! We started this fundraising journey 31 days ago. The mighty Ascenders have SURPASSED our first fundraising GOAL of $6,500 for the Climb for Heroes and The Heroes Project. I set the goal with the intention of at least matching what we did the previous year. And we still have 2 months to go!!! So, how about we go for $7,500?
Because of the Covid pandemic in 2020, there was no Climb for Heroes. Your friendly neighborhood Ascenders want to make 2021 the BEST fundraising years ever. Your support is highly appreciated and means the world to me! We seriously would not have made it this far without YOU, my awesome teammates and our generous donors! THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Going forward, I have some fundraising ideas, and conditioning hikes planned for the coming months. Everyone is welcome to participate. Stay tuned!!! Please follow The Heroes Project on Facebook, @theheroesproject on Instragram, and their website at as they continue to provide challenging outdoors training for our disabled veterans and injured community.
AUG. 17, 2021
Dear Ascenders Teammates and Our Donors,
I cannot THANK YOU enough for your spectacular fundraising efforts!!! In just 2 months, we have SMASHED thru our first fundraising goals. We are currently at $8,896!!! The astonishing Ascenders are now the #1 team in fundraising for 2021. So, let's go for $10,000!
Remember, each hiker has to have $125 raised before the hike. FYI, donations seem to spike up as we get closer to the event. Now would be a great time to ask friends and family to support our cause. With The Heroes Project soon building a Veterans Retreat Center in L.A., funding their expeditions, and finishing their documentary, our efforts are needed more than ever. 
Our team has grown quite a bit recently!!! Welcome to The mighty Ascenders (in alphabetical order): Army Veteran Scot Angus, Phillip Ballard (Adventure 16 alumni), Albert Cortez, Ann Cortez, Emily Parra, and Simon Petty (Climb alumni).
I have created some fundraising events on Facebook. My yard sale on Aug. 7 raised $65 for the Climb. And, if you like to "sing",  we have a Karaoke Fundraiser on Thurs., Aug. 27 at Karaoke Bleu in West L.A. Check out the FB event! Finally, my neighbors and I in Santa Clarita are having another Yard Sale on Sat., Sept. 4. Half of my sales will go to the Climb!!!
In addition, I will be appearing at Brave New World Comics' LIVE CLAIM SALE SHOW (it's on Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, and Popshop) on Wed., Sept. 1, starting at 6PM to talk up the Climb for Heroes!!!!
As for conditioning, I have been hiking at least once a week, and will increase the frequency of my hikes as well as distance, and altitude gain. I will post some MeetUp event suggestions, that wouId be okay for mild conditioning hikes. Remember, this Climb is non-competitive, FUN, and you can stop and go back at any time.
I humbly thank you,
Peter Gaspar

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