Honoring Buddy on My Birthday

Dear Friends of Buddy Threadgoode,

Buddy was the happiest, silliest, most loving dog in the world and he was my best friend. Buddy was a big old dog who lived with me for 12 years.  He traveled from Houston to Los Angeles to Orlando at my side, settling in Flagstaff for the last six months of his life. Many of you followed our adventures on Facebook through our regular pictures and updates. Old hip injuries, a growing bone tumor, and two ruptured ACLs finally made it impossible for him to walk and enjoy his life.

My birthday is on September 20th and I am asking for your help to honor Buddy Threadgoode.  I want to raise $2,500 to provide for the medical care of dogs in need at Second Chance Center for Animals.  Specialized surgery, critical medical care, prescription diets and medications are all very expense and their costs are outside the normal operating budget for the shelter.  Even a $10, $25, or $100 gift will help to reach my goal and will contribute toward another life being saved.

Thank you for helping me raise funds to support Second Chance Center for Animals.  While Buddy will never be replaced, other sick and injured homeless dogs can be helped and healed and forever change another human’s life.

Very Sincerely,


Sean Hawkins