Cycling for Our Heroes

Dee and I formed Cycling for Our Heroes, Inc with the intent to give something back in response to the unbelievable blessings we have received from the US Military.  We retired after 20 years active Army duty and settled in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland area.  I worked for Military Contractors a few years and currently serve in the Army as a Civilian.  Our businesses have been blessed by the Military.  Dee currently operates a home for the Veteran's Administration Members and is the main florist in Aberdeen. One son served in the 11 ACR in Germany and another recently completed 4 deployments in 8 years.  We are serious about helping Military Members and their Families who have sacrificed so much for us.  All event fees and donations go to Fisher House Foundation thanks to our Sponsors and Volunteers.  

Great Weekend,

Mike and Dee Layman and Family