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2nd Annual Battle for the Troops

From: 5/29/2016
To: 5/29/2016
Description: Battle for the Troops is a sport martial art tournament hosted by the Baekwoon Martial Arts Academy. It is the goal of this tournament to provide a creative outlet for those who participate in the martial arts, through national quality sport martial arts, allowing them to meet, greet, learn and compete with their peers nationwide as well as well as worldwide. This championship event offers a diversity of cultures as reflected by the individual participants from all regions and ethnic groups across the country and the world. These participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and compete in the the following divisions; forms, weapons forms, sparring. 5.00 of every competitor fee will be donated to the WWP organization
Contact: Jeremy Talbott
Address: 28141 Diehl Rd. Warrenville , Illinois 60505
Links: Event Website