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43hours dodgeball

Hi, and thank you for visiting our donation page through Wounded Warrior Project.  This group of 20 men and women will be attempting to break and set the official Guinness World Record for the longest marathon playing dodgeball. These men and women will be playing the intense game of dodgeball for over 43 hours strictly adhereing to the official guidlines set forth through Guinness World Records.
We chose to work with the Wounded Warrior Project because we all believe in what they stand for. Americans. They help out war vetrans by helping them live back here in the United States after serving their country overseas. For those of us battling on the dodgeball court, we repsect and care deeply for those injured during battle.
We believe that in life there are no limits. Dodgeball is a very tough sport, and to play the game intensly for 43 hours seems impossible. It is a small challenge compared to what an injured war hero must face everyday. We hope to both raise funds and awareness for the WWP. Please investigate through the website and research the organization and what is stands for. If you feel like you can spare a few dollars for a great cause and motivate us on our journey for 43, please fill out the information and donate as you see fit. Thank you for your generosity and support for both us and the men and women getting their lives back after being injured defending our freedoms.

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