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Feat of Service 2014

The 1st Annual NoVA Nomads
Feat of Service 

Feat of Service is a hobby game day for Warmachine and Hordes created and hosted by the NoVA Nomads.  

Inspired by Lock and Load's 2014 spell draft we've decided to provide an annual format where players can create their own warcaster and we've combined it with a charity fundraiser for the WWP.

Event Details

This is not a swiss tournament.  It is more akin to a book release day event.

There will be a champion selected for the best  custom caster as judged on the basis of painting, custom modelling, a 500 character fluff blurb and overall design.  There will also be a prize awarded for the player who – like a PP book release event – achieves the most points for playing games against new people, new factions, pulling of dynamic gameplay challenges and otherwise collecting a scavenger list of achievements on the tabletop.  In addition, we are providing door prizes everyone has a chance at and our first 32 registered players will win a custom Feat token by Muse on Minis.

The goal is to design something cool and fun and then play a ton of games with it!  

                            …and the benefit is that we’re going to donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

All the specifics of the custom caster design process as well as pictures of our prizes will be posted to the NoVA Nomad's website.
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