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On November 13-17 2012 'Team TCB' will race their motorcycle in the Baja 1000, the toughest point-to-point desert race in the world, in an effort to raise money for our wounded veterans.

Our goals are clear, raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, finish the race, not get run over by a trophy truck, have fun, and raise awareness for our nation's warriors who need our help. 

Please help us get the word out. 
Thank you for your donation! 

Team TCB highlights:

5/14 Update: Wow what a week! In our first week we've already received almost $1,000 in donations. Our website, thread, and Facebook page have a just over 3,200 hits combined! This week we also added another rider to the team. Our new rider is a Navy disabled Vietnam Veteran. Ed has been racing the Baja for the past 30 years and will definitely help us achieve our goals. We've had a deluge of people offer to help at our pits, donate equipment, or donate their time in any way. We are truly grateful and humbled. Please help spread the word about our cause and thank you again for your donation!!

5/22 Update: Another great week for RaceForTheWounded. We confirmed several big name sponsors for our race. And we're finalizing arrangements with several other key sponsors as well. Klim will be outfitting Team TCB with all of our racing apparel. Check out the blog on our website to see pictures of the awesome stuff Klim sent us. GPR will also be supplying our stabilizer - critical for this desert terrain.

This week we also ordered and received a new batch of Team TCB shirts. You can buy them online on our website for $25 each. The team also decided to meet up in Mexico in August to pre-pre ride. Pre-riding is critical for our desert training. Especially for Scott...who needs the experience. Brett spent a good part of the week getting his KTM ready to pre-ride on. We don't want to ride "Elvis" (our race bike) too much before the race in fear of damaging him. More good news news...our blog section on our website is up and running. Sign up to our newsletter to get weekly updates on team shenanigans. 

Last big Team news..Ed is hosting a Labor Day Ride for the Wounded in an effort to raise money for our our Baja Project/WWP. If you're in the northern Arizona area, come on by and ride for a good cause. 3 day event $75. Food and Team TCB shirt included. Contact us for further details.  

6/6 Updates: See the blog on our website for a comprehensive list of team updates and new pictures. Here's the cliff-notes version of team updates...We finished modifying the team shirts and race jerseys. We added the brown tiger stripe camouflage pattern on the sleeves to give us a military-style-motocross look.

We just reached 10% of our donation goal...boom. That's $5,000 so far! Just over month. Not too shabby. Our Facebook, threads, and website have been blowing up with hits. 9,000 hits on the latter two. And our Facebook traffic has an increase of 480% from last week's traffic. The word has gotten out - thanks!

We added a new member to the team. Allen knows every inch of the Baja Peninsula and will be driving one of the 4 chase trucks.  Our hand guards arrived from Brett will mount them then he gets back from work. And Rocco will supervise of course. will be donating a percentage of their online sales to our cause. AND will be designing a new Team TCB shirt for purchase. Our Bristol Brew Company event is coming up. Bristol's will be donating $1 to our cause for every beer sold on 19 June from 5-9pm. We predict standing room only! Drink some for me (Scott) because I'm deployed and cannot drink...

Big things happened at the Sun Country Corvette Show. Ed secured an on-air radio interview, handed out almost 50 fliers, and was invited back next week to host a booth for Team TCB! New team flier is out - Version 5. Downloadable version on the website. Terry found a cheaper way to ship the shirts. Reduced from $5 to $3. Big shot out to Bare Bones Rides, Combat Flip Flops, Sun Country Corvette Show, and Thanks for all your support!! 

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