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Summit for Soldiers

A little something about this climb and the climbers:
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This climb was the brainchild of Lee'or Rutenberg and T.J. Martin. Both are U.S. Army Veterans who love their country and those that fight
for it. T.J. grew up in Seattle and has dreamed of climbing Mt. Rainier since he was a little boy. Two years ago, T.J. met Lee'or at Tri-Med 
Ambulance where they worked together as EMT's serving their community. They became instant friends and soon learned that they both
shared a love of country and adventure. They are teaming up now to honor those that serve and have served their country both living 
and passed. 
This past year one of Lee'or's closest friends, Sean Hawkins, himself a proud veteran, lost his battle with cancer. Sean was a patriot of the
highest order and the greatest friend a man could have. He gave tirelessly to his country and believed strongly in the mission of the Wounded Warrior Project and, of course, in supporting his fellow service members. The people at Wounded Warrior are dedicated to giving
back to those who served and need our help to start living their lives again. This climb is in memory of Sgt. Sean Hawkins who lives on in the 
hearts of every person who was lucky enough to know him. We miss you, Sean, and we know you will be there with us on summit day!

Joining T.J. and Lee'or is their colleague Brian Walters who will be leading the climb up to the summit. Brian also works at Tri-Med Ambulance as an EMT. Brian is a well-seasoned and experienced climber and is donating his time and efforts to round out this talented team of dedicated climbers to honor our country. The fourth member of Team Summit is Keitrah Oakley. Keitrah summited Mt. Rainier in 2012 and is also
dedicating her time and efforts to support the Wounded Warrior Project. 

In addition to the support that we have received from friends and family we have also received support from a local mountaineering store that operates in the Mt. Rainier area. Whittaker Mountaineering has generously donated some rental gear for the team to use on the trip up the mountain. The people there have been great and we highly encourage you to visit their site for any and all your outdoor and camping needs.
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We would love to take all of you up there with us but unfortunately our rope just isn't long enough. What can you do to help us? 
Well.... I am glad you asked. Wounded Warrior operates not through any federal funding but from donations from people like you and me. Any money that you generously donate goes directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Aside from a small administrative fee that they use to pay their employees, all monies are used to support wounded soldiers. In addition, Matthew Gau, general manager of Tri-Med Ambulance, has announced that Tri-Med Ambulance will match the first $500 raised for the cause. Thanks Matt!!! That means we can double your contribution today when you decide to give to this worthy cause. Our soldiers have given up so much in defense of our freedom. Let's show them that we appreciate and love them for their unbelievable sacrifice.
We appreciate any donation you are able to give. Even $5 helps!
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