Join Ciara in Making a Difference for the Black Community at the AIDS Walk 2024

As we gear up for this year's AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2024 on Sunday, April 28, 2024, at 9am, I invite you to join us in making a step that could lead to a meaningful impact on the Black community. HIV/AIDS continues to disproportionately affect Black individuals and communities, highlighting the urgent need for awareness, support, and action.

Did you know that Black Americans make up a significant percentage of new HIV diagnoses each year? This is a stark reality that we cannot ignore. The AIDS Walk is not just a walk; it's a powerful statement of solidarity and a proactive step towards addressing the disparities faced by the Black community in healthcare.

By participating in or supporting the AIDS Walk, you are contributing directly to initiatives that provide crucial resources, education, and support services tailored to the unique needs of Black individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Your involvement helps fund outreach programs, testing initiatives, treatment access, and advocacy efforts aimed at reducing stigma and improving health outcomes.

Together, we can make a difference. Your generosity and support will help us move closer to a future where HIV/AIDS no longer devastates our communities. Join us at the HIV/AIDS Walk and be a part of the change our Black brothers and sisters deserve in community with others.

Thank you for your consideration and commitment to this vital cause.

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AIDS Walk Las Vegas
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