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I've signed up again for the Climb For Heroes. This is a great cause and a great organization doing good work with exceptional people who have sacrificed and suffered for us. It is truly inspiring to be a part of this hike. But I do it for selfish reasons, this hike has given back to me more than I ever gave. My first time atop Mt. Baldy was on this hike 10 years ago. Probably 130 lbs heavier and reliant on the help and encouragement of kind souls who pushed me to the top. Since then I've climbed this mountain a few times, including every Climb for Heroes, except the aborted Snow in June (?) one. I have no idea how many. And since that first time all the high peaks in Southern California, Whitney, Langley and White and many others in California and other states. I've gained more than I can say since I started hiking, and this hike was my first "big" one.

Donate if you can. Wish me well whether you can or cannot. Get off your ass and get outside no matter what. 

Feel free to help me blow past my goal.

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