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In honor of John Michael Magness (July 24, 1964 - February 5, 2023), U.S. Army Captain and USMA Class of 1986, who was among many things a loving husband/father/grandfather, faithful friend/colleague, and commercial real estate industry icon, we are hiking Mt. Baldy together as “Team Magness” to raise money for The Heroes Project.  Thanks to John’s leadership and care for others, Hillwood and friends participated in this event in 2018 and 2019 as John loved the Climb for Heroes cause and followed their climbers on social media.  This year is special because it is their 10 Year Anniversary and "the funds raised from this event will help build California's first veteran retreat center!!!"  Please join us on Saturday, November 11th.  The more the merrier :)

John Magness’ legacy will long remain in the hearts of family, friends, and the communities that he served.  John loved his country, and he loved his family.  He and two other Army veterans were participating in an expedition to raise awareness and funds for the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund (  After a 10-day climb and reaching the summit of the tallest peak in the Americas on 4 February, the 22,840-foot-high Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, John passed away after battling harrowing weather conditions and medical complications while descending the mountain in the early morning hours of 5 February 2023.

John’s life encompassed a spirt of service.  John graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1986, after which he served nine years in the United States Army.  John initially became a Cobra helicopter pilot and served as a commander of an attack helicopter troop helping to liberate Kuwait during the first Gulf War.  John was later selected to fly with the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, proudly wearing the Night Stalkers name, and participated in the famous “Black Hawk Down” battle in Somalia.  John ultimately served our nation with honor with several deployments to active combat zones in the Middle East, Haiti, and Somalia.

After separating from the Army and time spent as a consultant for the United Arab Emirates, John dedicated his time and talent to developing and enriching communities through his work as Executive Vice President for Hillwood - A Perot Company, leading commercial real estate expansion particularly in California.  Where Air Force bases lay vacant and unused, such as Norton Air Force Base, John saw opportunity for flourishing.  His effort led to the commercial and industrial development of the former San Bernardino, CA base, now boasting millions of commercially used square feet.  Fifteen years after he started this project, the development has contributed over $2.3 billion to the surrounding community.  Under John’s leadership, Hillwood developed more than 30 million square feet of industrial space in California alone.  John also led the coordination of Hillwood’s work with Target and Amazon, completing construction on 39 new Amazon fulfillment centers, totaling 28.9 million square feet of new industrial space.  Most recently, his leadership with Target resulted in over 5.5 million square feet in 5 different markets.

John was a man of high morals and good character.  He was a strong team player and a tenacious competitor.  His family, friends, and colleagues all described him as a man of strong Christian faith, a patriot, a loving father, grandfather, and husband, a soldier, hero, servant-leader, and friend.  John was a trusted and respected colleague and leader to all who knew and worked with him.  Most importantly, John was a committed family man and a loving husband and father.

John loved Jesus and he wore his faith on his sleeve.  Before he departed for Argentina, he wrote this prayer to bless his mission.  With his wife Angie’s permission, it is shared to inspire all of us to a life of purpose – Mountain Climbing Trip Prayer:

Lord, you have put this challenge in my heart.

Help me bless those on the trip and let your light shine thru me to those climbing with me so that you may be glorified.

Protect us on the climb and bring us home safely.  Remind me along the way to look around and enjoy the beauty of your mountain and your creation.

Protect my family while I am away.  Thank you for an understanding and loving wife.  Protect and prosper my business while I am away.

Help us raise money for the widows and children of our military families so that you may be glorified.

In your name, I pray.

-John Magness

January 13, 2023

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