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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  For those that know me, yeah I'm a veteran, and yes, I had (still have) some difficulties resuming civilian life. But, this isn't about me. The Heroes Project is using these donations to fund their Veteran Retreat Center at Mt. Baldy. While I haven't specifically gone through one of their Expedition for Heroes Programs, I have done so with other similar organizations (Outward Bound) and those brief experiences, to get away from the daily life, where even in the quiet moments, a cacophony screams loudly in my head, were extremely therapeutic.  Apparently once the Complex is complete, they will be able to expand their program nationwide since veterans taking advantage of the opportunity will be able to live there during that time. My time in the military is long done, but I know many many more are still joining and still serving. So I hope this is able to help current veterans who struggle and need these programs, but also the future veterans from some future conflict I don't even want to imagine.  Anyway. If you want, go ahead. I don't have a "goal." None of it is necessary. I just wanted to climb Mt Baldy, and now I guess I get to do it on this Veteran's Day (Though I guess it is technically observed on that Friday, but that's Nov 10th, so I expect all the crayon eating marines to be yelling and cheering so loudly I wouldn't know what to do)

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Justin Jones
113 days ago
Justin Jones
113 days ago
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